Water Pumps and Pulleys

Desmet jeepparts offers a wide range of water pumps for the vehicles featured on this website.

Water pump MB/GPW
Part # WO-639992
Original model as used on MB, GPW and CJ2.

Sheet metal pulley pump

Pulley separate
Part # WO-636299
Cast iron or sheet metal. Early jeeps  (end of 1942)  used a cast-iron pulley.

Cast iron pulleySheet metal pulley


MB-GPW 12 volt
With special pulley for larger fan belt

12 volt water pump with special pulley

12-volt Pulley available separatly

Part # S-8509

12 volt pulley GPW

The Hotchkiss M201 water pump
Uses the original type housing.
Hotchkiss M201 water pump

CJ3/CJ5 Water pump
Part # WO-649717
With plugs for heater connection.

Water pump with plugs for heater connection

M38 and M38A1 water pump

M-series water pump with gasketM-series water pump

G508 GMC Water pump

GMC water pump with gasketGMC water pump

Water pump for Dodge
Part # CC-633732
This one is supplied without the pulley. This pump is the same for both 6 volt as 12 volt Dodge.
Dodge water pumpDodge water pump

The pulley is sold separately
Part # CC-641700

Pulley box, contains 2 pulleysDodge Pulley