Desmet jeepparts offers a wide range of water pumps for the vehicles featured on this website.

Water pump MB/GPW
Part # WO-639992
Original model as used on MB, GPW and CJ2.

Sheet metal pulley pump

Pulley separate
Part # WO-636299
Cast iron or sheet metal. Early jeeps  (end of 1942)  used a cast-iron pulley.

Cast iron pulleySheet metal pulley


MB-GPW 12 volt
With special pulley for larger fan belt

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For many years Desmet Jeepparts has a complete line of exhaust systems for jeeps and WC-vehicles. In this article all products are described,
Like all of our products special attention was given to create an exhaust to original design and specifications. The exhausts are painted in mat OD with yellow markings.

Willys MB, Ford GPW and Hotchkiss M201

For creating a correct period sound, internal design of the muffler is important. Every muffler is made to the original specifications, including the internal chicane. Something neglected on many other reproduction exhausts.

Below you see the internals of a NOS muffler

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